Reebok and MC10 collaborate on skull cap to test concussions



With all the injuries that happen on the football field, it’s no doubt that blows to the head and concussions rank at the top of that list. Especially with the recent findings of a brain disease found in Junior Seau, it’s about time someone took some action in combining the latest technology with helping to prevent these head injuries.

According to Engadget, “Reebok and mc10 have collaborated to create CheckLight, a head impact indicator meant to make it easy to see when an athlete has taken a dangerous blow to the head. The CheckLight itself is comprised of two parts: a sensor device built by mc10 and skull-cap made by Reebok.”

This is a  sports skullcap that will measure impacts to the head and help fight concussion and other traumatic brain injury. These skull caps are set to release early this year and will start with Reebok’s CCM Hockey line.

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