Manny Pacquiao’s pastor friends have disappeared on the boxer

Manny Pacquiao's pastor friends have disappeared from his side

Manny Pacquiao’s pastor friends have disappeared from his side

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao has lost some friends.  Not because he became rich and snobby, but because these so-called friends of his has left his side for whatever reason they may have.  Reports state that there is uncertainty about the exact reason these friends just bounced on Pacquiao.  Whether this is temporary or permanent, maybe Manny Pacquiao himself has something to do with this.  Why?  Manny Pacquiao’s own mother blames these religious pastor friends for Pacquiao’s most recent loss against Juan Manuel Marquez.  Mommy Dionisia said that these pastor “friends” have made Pacquiao into something he really is not.  Mommy D, as she is referred to, said that Pacquiao was deprived of sleep going into the fight against Marquez because they made him memorize and interpret the Bible.

The president of the Mindanao Professional Boxing Associated, Yolly Alfante, confirmed the disappearance of the pastors.  She also said, “I myself had warned Manny about those guys.  They are nowhere on Tuesday and Manny himself assured they were all gone.”

This could be good news for Manny Pacquiao.  Everyone is aware of his new religious awakening.  Some see that as good for his body and soul while others see that as a distraction.  Hopefully those pastor friends remain out of site and out of Manny Pacquiao’s life.  They were most likely trying to mooch some money off of Pacquiao anyway, so this helps him regain control of who he really is.

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