Lamborghini Reventon vs Lamborghini Aventador | The Heavyweight Matchup

Lamborghini Aventador vs. Lamborghini Reventon

This Italian supercar matchup is a heavyweight boxing fight in the world of cars. In the right corner you have the Lamborghini Reventon and in the left you have the Lamborghini Aventador. We have decided a winner, but need our readers to help us pick a unanimous winner. Let the battle begin.

The Aventador is Lamborghini’s brand new supercar that is replacing the Lamborghini Murcielago. This $400,000 speedster boasts a 700 horsepower V-12 engine that tops out at 217 mph! If you look inside the vehicle you will find a large LCD cluster display, and a separate LCD display for the stereo and navigation controls.

Although both cars bear the Lamborghini name, the Reventon is in a class of its own. The Reventon was only in production for 20 models, and was designed after the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor fighter plane. With that in mind it’s easy to see why the car comes with a $1,600,000 price tag! The inside of the million dollar vehicle is mirrored after the plane as well with the LCD cluster display mimicking the same design as instrument panel of the F-22. If that still isn’t enough for you, the Reventon has a 650 horsepower V-12 engine that reaches a top speed of 211 mph!

After huddling up, the 5Q team has picked the Reventon over the Aventador based on the exclusiveness of the vehicle, and the amazing detail put into the exterior design. But, we still need you guys to help us pick out a unanimous winner! Let us know in the comment section which Lamborghini you think is best!



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  1. Annesha Debnath

    Aventedor has a greater look than the reventon, over all Aventedor is the most Powerful car ever produced from Lamborghini. With the top Speed of 217 mph and acceleration of 2.8 sec i think Aventedor is the Winner with lower price….

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