Clippers head coach Doc Rivers looked up possible championship parade routes in Los Angeles

Doc Rivers has looked up parade routes in Los Angeles

Doc Rivers has looked up parade routes in Los Angeles

The culture for the Los Angeles Clippers are definitely changing.  Why this took decades for Clippers owner Donald Sterling is mind-boggling.  Known to be a cheap owner who would rather have mediocre talent and keep the money flowing into his bank account, Sterling is finally agreeing to some changes in the City of Angels.

With the hiring of Doc Rivers, the feel for the Clippers has already changed.  From covering up the Lakers’ championship banners during Clippers home games to give the arena more of a Clipper-esque feel to researching up potential parade routes in Los Angeles.

Wait.  Parade routes?

According to a story by the NBA, Doc Rivers looked up routes four days after he was hired by the Clippers.  When he won with the Boston Celtics in 2008, he ended up taking the same route that the NFL’s New England Patriots took when they won a Super Bowl.

For Rivers, prancing and dancing through Downtown Los Angeles would be seen as copying the Lakers.  Perhaps they will parade through Playa Vista, California, the site of the Clippers practice facility.

Rivers must keep in mind that the owner of the Clippers, Donald Sterling, is one that does not necessarily pull out his checkbook.  Sterling vetoed the whole trade for JJ Redick.  If they do end up winning an NBA title, expect Sterling to keep the confetti to a minimum.  Who knows, the event might be a “Bring Your Own” type of situation where fans will have to bring their own Silly String canisters.  Doc Rivers also has to consider that the city of Los Angeles was hesitant to hash out money for a Lakers parade back in 2010.  The Lakers convinced business owners to chip in to pay for police, logistics, clean up, etc.

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