Ads on NBA jerseys will come in 2014

NBA ads on jerseys

In a quick article by the New York Daily News, the NBA Board of Governers are working towards getting ads on NBA jerseys at the start of the 2014 season.  According to NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver, these ads will generate a cool $100 million each season.  The ads will not be anything big, but instead, would be a little square patch that will be on the shoulder area of the jerseys.

This idea of placing ads on jerseys is what international basketball teams do and they seem to be doing fine.  On the other hand, they do look very tacky.  Ads on NBA jerseys could really mess up a team’s colorway.  For example, imagine a Coca Cola patch on a Lakers non-Sunday home jersey.  That red beverage logo messes up the predominately gold look of the jersey.  However, that same logo would work well with the Miami Heat and their colorway.

Another issue is once the NBA starts seeing dollar signs and wants to expand the ads to just being bounded by the shoulder area.  Big companies will want bigger and better ads and ruin the simplicity of what a jersey is for.  A jersey is intended to denote what team you are on and your name and your number.  Anything else is overkill.

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